Yandere Simulator Download and Installation Steps

Yandere Simulator is an open world, stealth video game where the player is in control of an obsessively lovesick high school girl named Ayano Aishi. You, i.e. Ayano Aishi is in love with her Senpai (senior) and your task is to monopolize his attention by any means possible and eliminate your competitions/rivals, who are also trying to get close to Senpai.  Aishi’s ways are not moral and usually consists of blackmailing, socially sabotaging, or even murdering her female rivals. One can think of it as a combination of GTA and Hitman game. The game is currently at its development stage, but it has already been download million times because of its unique gameplay and dark, sketchy concept. If you are at the Yandere Simulator download process but are having difficulties, here is a quick guide on how to download and install the game.

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Yandere Simulator Download Steps and Installation

The stealth game is 663 MB in size and easy to download. Note that the game is suitable for 17 years and above only.

  • To download Yandere Simulator, simply go to the official website or Google “Yandere Simulator Download” and click on the official website link
  • Click on “Download”
  • Scroll the page down and click on Download Launcher. This downloads the game launcher zip file. If the browser doesn’t download the launcher, then click on the .zip download link, right below the Download Launcher button
  • Once the download is complete unzip the downloaded zip file using WinZip or 7zip
  • Double click on Yandere Sim launcher.exe file and wait until the game gets downloaded
  • After the game is downloaded the launcher will automatically extract the downloaded files. This is an automatic process and you don’t have to do anything
  • When the extraction is complete, click on Play – you’ll get a configuration window
  • Chose the resolution and graphic quality as per the capability of your computer. Chose “fastest” as the graphics quality if your computer is week
  • Click on Play button and congratulations! You can now play Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator download

Open official website to download Yandere Simulator.

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