Who is The Baddest Character in The Walking Dead Series So Far?

We all have seen Rick and his team trying their best to survive in the zombie-infested world. Just by watching how hard they try to survive just for another day in the world that’s nothing like we are living right now, gives me chill. I have been a huge fan of the series since the premiere of The Walking Dead season 1. And, not to my surprise, I have only grown to become more fond of the series as it progressed – I am sure many are with me here.

Characters in The Walking Dead

It is obvious for the characters to die in The Walking Dead series as the world is full of zombies. To add more, there are The Governor, Caesar Martinez, now Negan, and the other bad dudes who make survival more tougher for Rick and his “family”. Nonetheless, there have been some pretty badass characters in the series that surely have built a fan following. Who do you think is the baddest character in the survival, horror series? I am going to list some of the most memorable characters; it’s up to you to decide who’s the baddest.

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Rick Grimes

He’s the main character in The Walking Dead Series. From the very first episode of the very first season, he has been making the hardest decisions. It always turns out that people around him start relying on him. Maybe, it’s his skills to survive, or because he is calm, brave, and tries to stay as righteous as he can. Again, he is the one making the hardest decisions. I have a huge respect for Andrew Lincoln – no one can do justice to the character as he does.

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Daryl Dixon

He is a loner, he doesn’t give a damn about what other thinks, he’s super tough and is pretty skillful with the crossbow as well as the guns. His character has matured a lot since season 1 and now, he cares about people around him. Again, huge respect for Norman Reedus for playing the character.

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Nothing is as sexy as a badass black girl with a katana. Michonne was introduced in the mid of the horror series. When she was introduced I had a feeling the character is also going to die early, because she had fewer screen shares. And, she’s there just for some action. But, thankfully I was wrong. Her character is one of the main characters now. She’s intelligent, caring, but also can chop and slice zombies and her enemies alike.

Merle Dixon

Yes, I have included Merle Dixon on the list. He mostly played a negative character who cares about no one but himself and to some extent his brother as well. But, we can’t deny that he was a badass. He’s selfish, opportunist and backstabber, but he was a survivor. Plus, he died as a good man. We have to admit the Dixon brothers are pretty badass.

So there you have it, the top four baddest characters of The Walking Dead series. But, this is not the end; there’s part 2 coming soon…

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