Who is The Baddest Character in The Walking Dead Series So Far? Part 2

Previously you read about four baddest characters in The Walking Dead series so far part 1. This post is in continuation of the thread. So, let’s quickly get to the list.


Everything changed when the Negan character was introduced in the finale episodes of season 6 of the horror series. He ended the season with physically and mentally torturing everyone and killing Glen and Abraham in the premier of season 7. It was way too inhuman the way he killed the both. He is currently the ruler of the world; he’s cunning, a thug, and his way of ruling is by creating a fear among the people. Many believe that in all the seasons he is the baddest character so far.

The Governor

Looks like this half of the list is mostly filled with the actual bad dudes of the zombie series. The Governor guy was in season 3 and season 4 of The Walking Dead series. He is perhaps the first true bad guy in the series. There were some bad guys in earlier episodes like Shane and Merle Dixon, but they weren’t really bad. Besides, Shane was stuck between a good guy-bad guy. Anyways The Governor was a bad guy from the core and later on goes real mad.

Shane Walsh

Yes, we just talked about him. He was the best friend and partner of Rick. If it weren’t him, Rick wouldn’t have been alive in the first place. He took care of Rick’s family and some other survivors. Protected them from the zombies, even by putting his life in danger. He was one of the first baddest characters in The Walking Dead series. Jon Bernthal gave full justice to the character. Have you seen him playing the character of Punisher in the Netflix series Daredevil? He’s a fine actor.

walking dead series

Carol Peletier

Carol definitely has got to be on this list. Her character really evolved throughout the series. No one could have thought a weak character, who was abused by her husband could become a self-independent survivor. Even if you put her in a horde of hundred of zombies, she’ll still come alive. She’s good with guns, knives, iron rods, and most importantly kitchenware. She’s among the handful of characters who were in the earliest episodes and are still surviving.

Maggie Greene

Maggie may seem soft and caring, but she can kill anyone who is a threat. She was a farmer’s daughter and now she’s a skilled zombie slayer and the representative of the people of Hilltop. She fights alongside the righteous, which in this case is Rick. And, plans to continue doing so as her late husband Glen would have done, even if it means going against Negan.

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The list of the baddest characters in The Walking Dead series is simply incomplete without Andrea on it. From the beginning, she was a badass, who can do anything to take care of her sister, who sadly dies very soon. She was broken physically and mentally many a times in the horror series, but she was a fighter. But, as the tradition of the series is, she had to die.

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So folks, who is The Baddest Character in The Walking Dead Series?

That sum up the list of the baddest characters in The Walking Dead series. Tell us, who is your favorite badass character of the horror series in the comments section.


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