Umami Burger Review, Menu, Prices, etc.

There are a couple of things that you want when you order something like Umami Burger and the good thing is luckily for it does. As many of you by now know this that Umami Burger is a restaurant chain with a specialty in serving hamburgers. It started from Los Angeles in 2009 and today they have a couple of restaurants across America.

From food to the overall environment, many agreed that they particularly love eating at Umami Burger. There is a full bar! What do you want more than a savory and pleasant tasting food and chilled beer?

If you are in LA, you have to visit this restaurant. In case you haven’t been to Umami’s before, here’s a little review that you might find helpful.

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The Food at Umami Burger

I am directly jumping to the food because that’s what I love, especially hamburgers. At Umami’s you will get one of the best-tasting food in LA, or should I say across the entire country. Their signature “The Umami Burger” is finger licking good and you have to try it. It combines roasted tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, Parmesan, caramelized onions, their secret sweet umami ketchup. They all combine together and form an explosion of culinary flavors. Their creativity is praiseworthy. They have made the good old meat chunk and cheese into something more interesting and savory. The burger size may be small for some, but it will leave you fully satisfied.

Another must try at Umami Burger is the Manly Burger. When you are at Umami’s, simply forget about carbs and focus on great indulgence. The Manly Burger is topped with smoked salt onion strings, beer-cheddar cheese, and bacon. Just dip the food in the roasted garlic aioli while you eat, and you are in heaven. All the food here is served with the garlic dip – an essential but doesn’t take away the taste of the burger.

umami burger

They use Umami extensively. In case you don’t know, Umami is a Japanese word used to describe something that tastes subtle, pleasant, and savory. And, this what the food here tastes like.

The Atmosphere at Umami Burger

Umami has, no doubt, a great atmosphere. Nothing here is too flashy or swanky. The minimal but detailed setting is just perfect. Just get into the restaurant and you can escape from the extremely rushed life of the city. Take a respite here while you enjoy good food. Umami Burger in LA has outside seating, in case you like to enjoy the outside while you eat. The seating is good and comfortable. Again they have a full bar with an array of beers and couches where you can relax on and have your meal. Besides most of the Umami’s are aptly located with some popular hotspots in close surroundings.

The Conclusion

Umami Burger is one of the most reputed restaurants in America. They have a great tasting selection of burgers and sides and beers to go along with the meal. Above all, the Umami’s is highly affordable as well as gives a great value.

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