Who Else Thinks That MS Word is The Best Text Editor? Best Free MS Word Alternatives

Is your MS Office suite expired? No doubt MS Office is one of the best collections of software that makes office chore extremely simple and easy. But, there are often times when your version of MS Office has expired and you no longer can work on any of its applications, especially MS Word. What comes next is obvious – looking for alternative text editor/s. But, truth to be told there are just a handful of software applications that can match the level of excellence of the MS Office applications suite. However, it is also true that the alternatives of MS Office, especially MS Word are easily available.

Given below are some of the best alternatives to MS Word text editor that you can use for free.

Google Docs

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If you use Gmail or Youtube, you can easily get an access to Google Docs. The best part is it is completely free and you don;t have to go through complicated steps to use it. Simply, log in to Gmail using your login credentials, open Google Drive, where you can access Google Docs. It is a full featured Rich text editor with all the features and tools to write, edit, update and save the text based files. Plus, whatever you write in the text editor, it gets autosaved in your Google Drive. Thus, you can access your files from anywhere and on any device. What’s more? You can download the files in .docx format as well as the other popular text file formats.


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What StackEdit does is it overcomes one limitation of Google Docs. In Google Docs all your files are saved online and you need an internet connection to work and save the data. Whereas, in StackEdit you can work offline and even save the data. It doesn’t require the internet. It is equipped with all the tools and features of an ideal text editor to create and edit a rich text file. What’s more is the ability of the application to connect with Google Drive and Dropbox and save the file directly on these cloud storages. However, there is one little limitation in the application, and that is spellcheck feature of StackEdit is not that effective.


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Did you ever felt the need when you typed something and your peer/s can see what you typed in real time, even though you are miles apart from them? And, that’s what WriteURL does the best. It is an online collaborative text editor where multiple users work together and see the updates in real time. All you need is the URL of the WriteURL editor where you all will be writing. You don’t even need to register to use it. Just share the URL of the text editor with your peers and start editing. However, you should know that the application has some little problems.


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While Quabel may has its limitations, but that doesn’t make the online tool any less useful. The unique feature of the text editor is that it counts the total words in real time, plus estimates the reading time. This feature is very useful for writing voiceover scripts. You set a goal time and start writing accordingly, This could be fun as well as gets your work done. It is a complete distraction-free text editor, but there are some limitations. For example, there are no tools to bold or italicize the text. However, you can use Markdown codes to do these.


Try to use these free applications. Most of them will get your work done without much of a hassle. MS Word sure is one fine text editor, but there are some other good alternatives as well.

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