Sound Editing Basics: Five Fundamentals That Every Sound Editor Should Know

If you are new to the world of sound editing you are either too excited or overwhelmed. Sound mixing or editing can be intimidating. It is like owning a power as you make several mixes, and control and improve the audio quality. However, before you start there are some basics that need to be cleared. Professionals have their basics clear and they advise all beginners to do the same. So, here are seven fundamentals of sound editing:

Always use software you trust and are familiar with

There are thousands of audio editing software, but that doesn’t mean you should download just any editing software and start using it. Many of the editing software are just a waste of time. Plus, some have hidden adware and malware attached to them. But, there are some that are quite handy. Your computer must be having a default audio editor like GarageBand. Plus, you can also edit audio in many video editor software.

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Remember, good recording leads to best sound editing

In order to have good and perfect final result your beginning has to be good. This applies to all things in life, including sound editing. Make sure that your recording is the best. If you are a beginner, make sure that you use a familiar recorder. Also, the start and end should have about a minute of silence, as it helps with audio mixing later on. If you can, then try using a directional mic for best results.

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