Excellent Alternatives of Quicktime For Windows 10

Quicktime is a multimedia playing software from Apple and supports a wide array of file formats including videos, pictures, audios, panoramic images, as well as interactivity. Its popularity is humongous, and it gets installed automatically while you install iTunes. However, Quicktime for Windows 10 is really not a good option, because in 2016 Trend Micro – a global security software company, discovered two major flaws in the software for Windows 10. The flaws put Windows 10 devices that have Quicktime installed on them in a great danger of malicious attacks. Even the Department of Homeland Security is warning users against the threat.

Quicktime for Windows 10

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Besides, Apple Inc. has already killed Quicktime for Windows 10 and no longer provides any updates for the software. However, you can still use Quicktime 7.7.8 in Windows 7 and Vista, and Apple fully supports the player by providing security and other updates on regular intervals. You can download Quicktime for Windows 7 from the official website.

Alternatives of Quicktime for Windows 10

Windows 10 users, on the other hand, shouldn’t install Quicktime, although there are some other ways around. Plus, the software itself shows error while you try to install it on Windows 10. It is advisable for the Windows 10 users to use other alternatives. To name a few good ones, include VLC Media Player, MPC-HC, Daum PotPlayer, MPlayer, etc.

VLC Media Player, itself is pretty good. It supports a wide range of file formats. Has a great functionality, and is easy to use and lightweight. And, most importantly, it is completely free! The media player is perhaps the best alternative of Quicktime for Windows 10. You can download the software from its official website. Or, simply google “VLC Media Player download”.

MPC-HC, on the other hand, is also quite lightweight, free and supports all common media file formats for playback. You can also try MPlayer. It is open source and you can play almost every video file format in it.

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