A Nifty Guide to The Habit Burger Grill Menu

After The Habit Burger Grill won the award for the best burger in America in 2014, it’s no surprise that the fast-casual restaurant chain has expanded significantly. Today, there are at least 148 The Habit restaurants spread all across the USA. Recently, the restaurant chain has announced that they are soon going to open in Dubai. This will be their first international location. Apart from Dubai, they are planning to open in 49 other international locations. Within the country itself, this California-based restaurant chain is creating a lot of buzz among the foodies. Their signature Charburger is your best bet. Not to mention, their shakes and ice cream are just too tempting.
In case by any chance, you haven’t been to The Habit yet, you might like reading this post.

A nifty guide to The Habit Burger Grill best serves:

Their burgers are indeed belly bomb

Habit burger is made in the traditional way and not like many of the other food chain burgers, which are griddles cooked and doctored up with fake grill marks and smoked later. Habit burgers are flame grilled and cooked for a good amount of time, which adds to its taste and helps create a mouthwatering patty. You get a great variance in ingredients from mayo, pickles, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions and a fresh, toasted bun. If you are health conscious or want to customize the burger, you could do that too. For example, not having mayo; you won’t even miss it.

habit burger

The menu is rich

The Habit Burger Grill has more to serve the hungry dinners in addition to the burgers. They have added a classic salad, which is sprinkled with seasonal and trendy ingredients like kale pesto and quinoa.

Their sandwiches vary from good to bad

Sandwiches of The Habit truly are a mixed bag. You can’t miss the veggie burger on a wheat bun and tuna sandwich on a seeded bun. Yes, the restaurant considers both as sandwiches. The tartar sauce and teriyaki glaze simply add a whole new dimension to the sandwich’s taste. If you have a love for French Rolls, you have to try the Pastrami Sandwich on French Roll.

They have a couple of low carb options

Foodies who can’t resist burger and sandwiches, but also can’t have them because of the extra carbs that come along with the food could visit The Habit Burger Grill. It is possible to order almost any of their burger wrapped with lettuce and maybe you can order sandwiches in the same way as well. The carb in their lettuce wrapped burgers is significantly low. One more option is the grilled chicken salad served with fat-free dressing.

Great treats to go with your burger

It is very hard to not get tempted by The Habit’s shakes and ice-cream sundaes. Their vanilla cone is just amazing but it consists of calories about 330 and sugar about 37 grams. The chocolate malted shake is the best, but it has the highest amount of calories. But, for foodies these calories, sugar don’t really matter. And, it’s about savoring as much as you can.

The Habit Burger Grill is expanding rapidly. People react differently to the food and the environment of the casual, food chain. One thing is for sure, their Charburger is amazing. Come with a love for food and you will enjoy your time. Also, a chilled beer is all that you need to go with your evening brunch. If you like some cool bar tricks, here are some amazing tricks to open beer bottle cap without a bottle opener.

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