12 Interesting Facts About Gavin Free

Gavin Free is a British actor, director, and Youtube celebrity. He was born on 23rd May 1988 and is widely known to the modern audience for his contributions at Rooster Teeth. But, perhaps his most notable work is his own YouTube channel – The Slow Mo Guys, which he co-founded with his friend Daniel Gruchy.

The YouTube channel features different stunts and experiments at a very, very slow speed. Thus, allowing us to see a parallel universe we live in. The Slow Mo Guys channel was voted as the best YouTube On the Rise program in April 2011 and to date remains one of the most watched YouTube channels. You must have seen their famous video titled “Rubber bands vs Water Melon – The Slow Mo Guys”, where they crushed watermelons. The video alone has 15,745,978 views and counting.
Gavin Free is one of the young and most successful men in the world. He is one among the men at work, you could look at. At a very young age, he has done a lot.


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Some interesting Gavin Free facts


1: – Free is from Thame, Oxfordshire and before moving to Texas, USA he was working with Red Vs Blue in Britain.

2: – Before starting The Slow Mo Guys, he worked for seven years as a slow-motion camera operator.

3: – The reason Free started The Slow Mo Guys was to get the USA work visa. When Rooster Teeth approached him first, he had some troubles joining the company because he didn’t had a visa.

4: – Free said that he loves working in the USA for his slow-motion videos because according to him the weather there is “way better” than in Britain.

5: – He also said that initially, both Free and Gruchy were doing even stunts for the videos. But, Gruchy later ended up doing more stunts and taking more hits because Gurchy lost the first challenge for the winner and loser, where the loser had to do stunts. The penalty was to get hit in the face with a football. They shot the video and it got over 15 million views.

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