Top 10 Essential Fallout Shelter Tips and Hacks for Happy Gamers

Fallout Shelter is a strategy based game for Android, iOS, Windows and XBox devices. The game is widely popular and has been downloaded millions of times. It is completely free and has an addictive gameplay. If you have just started playing the game, we have a rundown of the top 10 most essential Fallout Shelter tips, tricks, hacks, and more to progress much faster in the game.

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Tip 1: Build rooms adjacent to each other to have wider rooms and produce more

You can put two to three rooms of the same kind together to make them wider. For example, 3 consecutive rooms producing food, or 3 consecutive rooms producing electricity. The advantage is obvious – you can place more Dwellers in the wider room and increase the production. Thus, stacking a particular item in large quantity. But, note that wider rooms consume more electricity. So, keep a check on the electricity meter as well.

Tip 2: Focus on building power plants more than building others

This one is among the most advised Fallout Shelter tips from the experts. Power plants give the entire vault the juice that keeps it running. So, you should build power plants before expanding further. Also, build the essential facilities like medical bays, water treatment, gardens, etc. close to the power plants, because, in the case of an outage, it’s the far away rooms that go down first.

Tip 3: Place Dwellers in the rooms where they best fit in

Every Dweller shares special traits, namely – strength, charisma, intelligence, agility, perception, and luck. Besides, each building also has a specific trait attached to it (you can see this before you build it). Your task is to match the right Dweller with the right building. For example, an agile Dweller will best fit in the Diner. The number above their avatar will help you to identify this.

Tip 4: Upgrade your Vault door’s health ASAP

A strong Vault door will keep Raiders out and make the vault safer. Upgrade your Vault door’s health ASAP, whenever you have enough Caps. You can also keep armed Dwellers in the buildings that are next to the Vault door. Indeed, one of the top Fallout Shelter tips.

Tip 5: Send Dwellers out to the wasteland, but make sure that they are well-equipped

You can send Dwellers to the wasteland to explore, but ensure that they are equipped with firearms, protective gear and a good supply of Stimpaks and RadAway. You can give preference to the stronger Dwellers here as they have a greater probability of survival. And, once they have picked the loot, call them immediately. The longer they stay out, the greater the chances for them to perish.

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