What Are Hard and Soft Services Facility Management?

Hard and Soft Services Facilities Management are the two main categories that Facility Management can be divided into. Every business requires a range of services to operate efficiently and effectively. While some of the services can be skipped, but the others are mandatory as per the law. Some examples of the services required include Air conditioning, plumbing, drainage, cleanliness, waste disposal, catering, etc. Facility Management is basically making sure that all the required services are installed and maintained on a regular basis.

Facility Management

Understanding the difference between Hard and Soft Services Facility Management:

Hard Services Facility Management is ensuring that the required hard services are installed properly, and regularly managing them. Hard services are the actual, physical fabrics of a building like lights, fire safety systems, heating, lift, escalator, plumbing, etc., and they cannot be removed. They can also be considered as the rather conventional Property Management services.

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Soft Services Facility Management is making sure that the services, which make the workplace more pleasant and safer for the employees, are in place, and then managing them on a regular basis. Unlike Hard Services, Soft Services aren’t mandatory by the law and can be added or removed as per the need. Some examples of soft services include catering, window cleaning, mail management, pest control, recycling, and catering.

Facility Management

The type of services required depends on a couple of factors majorly the size and the nature of your business. The location of the business is a big factor as well. Running a Facility Need Assessment on regular intervals helps Facility Managers determine the required services for running the business smoothly and at the same time complying with the law.


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