Destiny Game Review, Gameplay, And Final Update Features

Destiny is an online shooting and loot game. Since its release in 2014, the game has been gradually building its fan base and reputation. However, the game is coming to its end. There was a release of Destiny game’s update recently. It is called Age of Triumph and the last major update. As expected the update brings quite many changes and the fans are loving it. The reason behind this is that the update brings back some of the old features that were introduced in previous updates and extremely favored by the enthusiasts. To name some of the returning features are Fatebringer, old-incredible raids, Vision of Confluence, and 390 light – the hardest difficulty level ever in the game.
It’s quite sad that Destiny is standing at its extent. But, what a fine way to come to an end!


Before we go ahead let’s talk a little about the game’s history and the gameplay. Destiny is developed by Bungie for PlayStation and XBox. Bungie is also known for the world famous Halo series. Destiny is based on a mystical world and players can play against the environment or against the other players. There are three character classes namely Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. Players have the mission to protect the Earth from the aliens and to do that they wield a power called Light. As of now, players can play this first-person shooting game only online. However, there is some vague news that the game will soon launch for PCs as well.

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Apart from the standard edition, there have been different special edition release of the game for different platforms. Destiny Limited Edition, Destiny Ghost Edition, and Destiny Digital Guardian Edition to name a few. In addition, there are exclusive launches for PlayStation. These include Argus Hunter, Vanir Titan, Monte Carlo, Crypt Hammer, and Outrageous Fortune.


The gameplay is one of the best features of Destiny. However, the first edition didn’t receive the reception that it was expecting; probably because of the gameplay and also because the fans had too much expectation. However, with the time the game became better, improving its gameplay, improving weapons, improving raids…… improving the overall gaming experience by introducing several new features.

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