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5 Best Sneaker Apps That You Should Install Now!

It’s been a while since Nike and Adidas launched their official sneaker apps: SNKRS App and adidas Confirmed respectively. If you haven’t checked these mobile apps yet, my advice is to do it now. As...

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Five Whiskies That Every Man Should Know

You don’t want to be someone who goes to a bar and drinks what others recommend. A real man knows his drinks very well! Whiskey is something that everyone is drinking these days. But,...


5 Most Violent RPG Games You Can’t Miss

RPG Games or role playing games are the video games where you play as the main character. They are usually first or third person games. Consider GTA (Grand Theft Auto), Halo, Gears of war,...


Top 5 Most Dangerous Guns In The World

Smell of the gunpowder, the bang sound of every bullet fired, the recoil created by shots fired – have these ever got adrenaline rushing through your veins? Guns are absolute beauty; their design, their usability, and...